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Posted by on Apr 6, 2017 in News | 19 comments

Seafront Enhancements survey – thank you for your views

The Seafront Play Facilities Survey has now closed.  We received nearly 300 responses and the Parish Office are busy analysing them.  We will bring you results shortly with details on the next stage of the process.

Although you can no longer comment, you can still view the plans here:

Proposed Sea Front Enhancement Areas a4

Milford on Sea Parish Council – Seafront Play Area – REV A – 2D plan

Milford on Sea Parish Council – Seafront Play Area – REV A – 3D visual – junior

Milford on Sea Parish Council – Seafront Play Area – REV A – 3D visual – toddler

Milford on Sea Parish Council – Seafront Play Area – REV A – Image Sheet




  1. These proposals are going to make sitting outside at the needles eye cafe a noisier experience. We are regulars there and not happy with the proposals.

    • I think these high objects will spoil the ambience of the area. They are better suited to the proposed plat area adjacent to the school.

  2. Milford born and bred,(1954)and it is about time the children of Milford were provided for.

  3. Milford born and bred (1954)it is about time the children of Milford were provided for.I know they have the park in Carrington Lane, but this is a wonderful idea.

  4. I think the proposals are good and overdue.

  5. Fantastic plans, much needed children’s facilities and as the parent of a disabled child the addition of inclusive swings etc is welcomed. Can’t wait to see how this looks when complete.

  6. Absolutely wonderful idea, we are regulars to the cafe. We are local to the village and I think this would be an enhancement to Milford. Cannot wait. Mother of 4.

  7. Think this is a great idea it’s a shame a splash facility couldn’t of been consider like in Christchurch we always go to Milford in the school holidays

  8. I think the proposals look fantastic and I know that our (local) children would love playing here together (aged 5, 9 and 11). Perfectly pitched for the ages when children still enjoy doing this sort of thing.

  9. Great to have better facilities for the children. I have two grandchildren that come to stay regularly and my only concern is that I have one 2 year old who will want to use the toddler play area and a 5 year old who will want the junior playground and I will not be able to watch them both as the playgrounds are not next to each other.

  10. Excellent idea as there is not enough facilities around Milford for children as the play park in carrington lane is dilapidated and unkempt. Hopefully the seafront plans go ahead and the park in carrington lane gets updated. The idea of a splash park is also a great idea the one in Christchurch is fab.

  11. Long long over due. Lived in Milford all my life and there’s never been anything for the children once they are over six.

  12. The plans look fantastic. We are locals and spend a lot of time at the current park, so improvements are very welcome.

  13. Our 3 grand children are outgrowing the current facilities when they visit us in Milford, so we welcome these plans. Encouragement to play outside in a safe environment is essential and Milford suffers a lack of such facilities. Behind it 100%.Could they be ready for the summer holidays?

  14. I think it looks great
    There are not enough good outside play areas for children and I think they will love it

  15. We are frequent visitors to Milford and feel that the site of the children’s playground is ill-chosen. Playgrounds tend to look bright and fresh when new, but even the best kept end up looking scruffy, and the noise of a playground would also deter us from visiting. I think you should think carefully about the impact of the proposed playground at this site on future visitors.

  16. The location of the proposed development will totally spoil the lovely views of the Needles and Isle of Wight.It will turn the seafront into a mini Blackpool. If greater facilities are needed then why not have them up near the school where more houses are to be built. At least that way the children would have what they wanted and the residents would still be able to enjoy their peaceful walks near he sea.

  17. Having lived in and around Milford and surrounding area most of my life I cannot support this proposed play area. It is out of keeping with the charm of the sea front. In the exposed salty position the equipment would deteriorate quickly and soon become unsightly. I am sure that a far more suitable area can be found for this equipment. This is not Blackpool.

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  18. It is somewhat ironic that the Parish Council, which did not want the Beach Huts replaced because they would spoil the view of those who sometimes live in the flats overlooking the sea, is now proposing something in front of where the Beach Huts were located. It is however pleasing to see that the Parish Council is starting to listen to the needs of the younger generation and think about everyone who visits the seafront and not just those who no longer have as much energy and vitality as our young ones. This type of facility, whilst not for pensioners except those taking grandchildren for some fun, is well overdue for the youngsters and should be fully supported. Our only comment on the proposals is whether the climbing net with slide might be a bit too dominant and obtrusive.
    We notice the names of those who have commented and hope that no one who may be involved in the final decision either directly or indirectly has shown any bias before the full facts are known and all arguments expressed.
    We have an interest as beach hut owners with grandchildren.