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Seafront Enhancement Consultation Event 6th April 2-7pm

Posted by on Mar 10, 2017 in News | 0 comments

A consultation event regarding enhanced play facilities at the seafront will be held on Thursday 6th April between 2pm and 7pm at the Community Centre, Sea Road.

The Parish Council has been looking at a range of options to provide more interesting play facilities for children of all ages at the Seafront.  The equipment will be paid for by Developers’ Contributions received by the Parish Council and which must be spent on enhancing open space facilities.

The areas concerned are firstly an area for young families to the east of the Needles Eye Café and the car park and secondly to the west of the Needles Eye Café of sufficient land to provide a worthwhile play area for slightly older children.  This is in addition to the existing toddler play area.  The Parish Council has decided not to include a skate/ scooter park or a zip wire.

Proposals setting out options for various types of equipment commonly used and valued in neighbouring towns and villages will be on display and the Parish Council invites the whole community to come along and give their views.

46 New Homes Consultation Event – 9th Feb

Posted by on Feb 3, 2017 in News | 1 comment

Pennyfarthing Homes have announced a new date for their consultation event for 46 new homes on the MOS1 site near the Primary school:

3pm – 7pm

Thursday 9 February 2017

Milford on Sea Baptist Church Hall, The Manse, Wayside Close, Milford on Sea SO41 0RN

Download the plans for more details: MOS 1 Milford on Sea invitation flyer

Latest Parish Newsletter – January 2017

Posted by on Jan 17, 2017 in News | 0 comments

Available to download here: Parish News – January  2017

Milford to Barton Footpath to be closed until April

Posted by on Dec 19, 2016 in News | 0 comments

Due to the unstable cliffs, Hampshire County Council’s Countryside team has temporarily closed New Milton Footpaths 715 and 716 and Milford-on-Sea Footpath 715 from Milford-on-Sea to Barton-on-Sea (including the adjoining path to Taddiford Gap car park) from 19 November 2016 until 28 April 2017.  Reasonable facilities will be provided to allow access to adjacent premises while the work is being carried out.  The Team are working with local landowners to re-route the path.  For a map click here here.
For information visit, contact the Countryside Access Team on 01962 846981 or email

2017 Meeting Dates Published

Posted by on Nov 15, 2016 in News | 0 comments

The schedule for all Parish Council meetings for 2017 including Planning and the Annual Parish Meeting are now available by clicking here

National Park Local Plan Review Consultation

Posted by on Nov 1, 2016 in News | 0 comments

Have your say on the National Park Authority’s Local Plan Review.  Click on the link for more information and to have your say before 28th November 2016:

Annual Audit concluded and available to view

Posted by on Sep 19, 2016 in News | 0 comments

The Parish Council annual audit for 2015/16 has been concluded and is available to view at the Parish Office.


To view the Annual Report click here: Annual Report 2016



Beach Hut update

Posted by on Sep 19, 2016 in News | 0 comments

Click the link to get a web cam update on the latest rebuilding work of the Beach Huts:

The construction is being carried out by Raymond Brown Construction Ltd and a company called Vision Link is suppling the camera updates.

The technology is solar powered and it uses a 3G data network connection for transmitting the pictures.

The camera operates every day in daylight hours and updates its images every hour.

Parish Council response to Local Plan Review

Posted by on Sep 12, 2016 in News | Comments Off on Parish Council response to Local Plan Review

Here is the Parish Council’s response to the District Council’s Local Plan Review:


Government Policy: The Planning Policy Framework

The NPPF states (paragraph 4) that planning authorities should assess and meet the need for market and affordable housing, as far as is consistent with the policies set out in the framework.  The NPPF also states the Government position concerning the protection of Green Belt land (paragraph s 79 to 92).  The NPPF (paragraph 89) states the construction of new buildings should be regarded as inappropriate in the Green Belt.  The possible exceptions are listed; only one exception deals with new housing.  Paragraph 89 states that the exception is for limited affordable housing for local community needs.  The NPPF does not therefore permit the proposals submitted by NFDC.

The report of 6 July to the NFDC Cabinet asserts instead that “this district must now plan to accommodate as much growth as possible without conflicting with the NPPC policies.”  But it ignores the NPPF policies which restrict new house building in the Green Belt save for the exception of building “limited affordable housing for local community needs”.


 Housing Needs Assessment

The Parish Council has pressed for some time for the provision of sufficient affordable housing for those with “strong village connections”.  The current unmet need in Milford-on-Sea is between 40 and 70 households; and very little of that need will be met by planned developments within the village.  In an earlier village consultation exercise of the 520 responses 83% of residents were in favour of the provision of small clusters of affordable housing to meet the needs of local people.

The Parish Council understands that only 20% of any development proposed by NFDC might be described as “affordable” and may well exclude any housing for rent.

The housing assessment obtained from consultants by NFDC states that many new homes in the Green Belt will be taken up by those over 65 years old not currently living in the area. In the absence of significant demand for an increased workforce locally that seems a sound conclusion.

It also seems likely that at least some of any larger scale development would be taken as second homes which would add to the current total of some 250 second homes.  Any assessments forecasting 20 years ahead are likely to be heroic but it seems clear that local people of modest means will not be helped. There has been insufficient time to carry out an analysis of the assessment.


Assessment of sites

We understand that the basis for the assessment was to find the least undesirable sites and that the range of choices was in large measure determined by the willingness of landowners to offer sites.

We note that the original assessment in Appendix A, Parcel Assessments Milford-on-Sea, addressed two parcels of land MS05 and MS06.  Those sites have subsequently been about doubled in size in the final proposal; we have seen no fresh assessments to justify that increase.

We also consider the assessment criteria are unhelpful. The only criteria that appears relevant is whether the proposed removal of the targeted land from the Green Belt will “Assist in safeguarding the countryside from encroachment”.   There is no reference to the value of the current Green Belt boundary.  Part of the current boundary of MS06 is well used by walkers, including significant numbers of school children who undoubtedly benefit from the semi-rural environment.  That experience will be lost under the proposal.  Similarly MS05 would take farm land and place development beside Forest Farm.


Other Needs

The PC has received a great many concerns relating to the ability of services to cope with a significant increase in population, including those relating to health, education, traffic, flooding and sewage.  Milford-on-Sea is already encountering serious difficulties in most of these services.


 The Consultation Process

The Parish Council has sought to inform residents of the NFDC proposals but there have been major flaws in the NFDC approach.

To hold such an important consultation between middle July and early September is at best unhelpful, the documentation was not presented helpfully and the suggested online response form is off-putting.  These factors may well have deterred responses.

 We were very disappointed that NFDC held less than a handful of presentations; many of our residents wanted a greater opportunity to engage in discussion.



The Parish Council therefore urges NFDC to reconsider its conclusion that it is compelled to accommodate “as much growth as possible” in the Green Belt, and that the Government is insisting on that growth.  While the NPPC limitations on Green Belt development prevail there would seem to be no such compulsion.

We doubt the value of the long range housing need assessment, but do want the documented need for affordable housing for local people to be met.


We also see no value in re-drawing the Green Belt boundary.  That would seriously diminish the environment for many residents, both for the immediate neighbours and villagers more generally.